It takes a vision to start manufacturing equipment for a new sport, a sport that has yet to gain a foothold of any sort. It’s precisely what former professional windsurfer Raphaël Salles did back in 1989 with F-One kiteboarding. He stuck to it with tenacity, and ventually, the sport did take hold like Salles knew it would. F-one was in prime position to lead the new sport into the future. A dynamic and fast-moving sport, F-One  proliferated as the world embraced kiteboarding, and as the need for fresh accessories grew, so did F-One.
While F-One has branched out into many successful categories, we focus our attention on kiting and foiling.


We have some of the top kiteboards in stock, as well as all accessories you would need to either get going in the sport or to polish your skills and current equipment rigs. We also diversify in technology, embracing bamboo boards and carbon boards, as well as boards that are focused on flex technology. We have a range of kites from the old and tested to the brand new WTF (win the freestyle range) That comes with an F-One Linxbar


F-One is on the cutting edge of the sport of foiling right now, and foiling is taking off! Every little beach on every coastline has a foiling community, and as these ‘foilers’ show the world the wonders of the sport, so it is attracting more. It too is a rapidly evolving sport. As more people take their foils to more extreme situations, so the performance levels are heading up and the technology is improving. Currently focused on the Escape and Mirage models, expect plenty of movement in this category.