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Trainer kites are a great way to safely learn kiteboarding. Learning kitesurfing can be quite expensive, so the best idea is to get a small power kite before buying the kitesurfing lesson from a kiteschool.
Kitesurfing schools use the same small non-inflatable or inflatable trainer kites to teach kitesurfing. If you think about surfing with kite, land kiting or snowkiting trainer kites are the best starting point.
Trainer kites are great for adult kitesurfing beginners and for teaching kids kitesurfing. They are small power kites with less power than the big kites therefore safer for practicing.
2 line trainer kites and 3 line trainer kites come with the handles instead of the bar and the wrist strap. 3rd line will help you in reverse launching. Some of the 4 line trainers can be linked to a 4 line bar that will allow further depower and allow learning kiteboarding in the most authentic way.
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