Duotone kites now available from KitesurfDubai

Duotone kites have quickly become one of the most popular kites, this is why KitesurfDubai has just added Duotone brand as part of its kitesurfing offer.

About Duotone

Duotone has been on the kitesurfing market since 2001 and has never changed its focus. They were there when the first kites were seen riding downwind from Ho’okipa to Kanaha. They got dragged over the beaches of Maui, the Baltic Sea or Tarifa, they tried directionals and twin tips, they experimented with two, four or five lines and developed C-shapes, Delta-shapes and safety bars. Whatever comes to their mind regarding kitesurfing evolution in the past 20 years – Duotone took part in it.

Duotone kites


There’s no better jump oriented, all-around kite than the 2020 Rebel. It’s especially good for heavier riders who need an extremely stable kite that can handle high loads and big power spikes.

Rider jumping with Duotone Rebel 2020


Sporty and intuitive, the Dice remains the best option for Freestyle/Wakestyle, Freestyle/Wave and mega-loop tricks. The 2020 model brings in extreme big air performance and show stopping mega-loops thanks to its compact outline, structural stiffness and new fixed bridle geometry. Get ready to send it.

Rider surfing with Duotone kite Dice 2020


Designed for purpose, driven by performance, the 2020 Vegas has been sharpened up through use of new materials and is the only choice for Freestyle and Wakestyle. Inspired by Duotone’s world class Freestyle/Wakestyle team, the 2020 Vegas offers everything for expert and highly skilled riders. Time to unleash the beast. Kitefun instructors in Tarifa give a good review of the 2020 Duotone Vegas and describe it as the best kite for wakestyle kiteboarding.

Duotone kite 2020 Vegas


The 2020 Neo remains true to its roots and its purpose in life. Fantastic drifting abilities, responsive steering-powered or depowered, 4 and 5-line setup, It’s the go-to surf kite for all good and gonnabe-good wave riders looking to get the most out of every wave session, as well as a good performer in free ride and foiling. Check here what Iksurfmag says about the latest Duotone Neo.

Duotone kite 2020 Neo


Playful and reliable, the 2020 Evo is designed for ultimate satisfaction. Undergoing some small changes that have a big impact, this lively design is the greatest all-round and free ride formula to date. With 3-Struts, a huge wind range, superior stability, precise power delivery and responsive handling, the Evo is fun and versatile across Freeride, Freestyle and wave riding. Duotone’s Evo kite was already described a the best allrounder kite by thekiteboarder magazine in 2019.

Duotone kite 2020 EVO