Kitesurfing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai: The Ultimate Guide

Are you planning a kitesurf session in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? If this is the case you will find all the information you need in this post.

Kitesurfing in Dubai

Wind conditions in Dubai

Most of the kitesurfing sessions in Dubai are between 8 to 12 knots and around 20 sessions per year will give you a wind above 15 knots.

It is a thermal wind that is generated by the change of temperature between the desert and the sea during day and night time. The thermal wind is onshore most of the day and becomes off-shore during night and morning time.

If you are looking for stronger wind sessions, you must wait for the Shamal wind. It is a northwesterly wind that blows over Iraq and the Persian Gulf states and reaches the UAE several times a year.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai: Image by radler1999 from Pixabay

These light-wind conditions do not prevent riders to go on the water. In fact, local kitesurf riders go on the water several times per week. You just need to know what gear to bring on the beach. Forget your 7m kite, it is better at home. The average kite size on the beach is 15 meters for inflatable kites and if you ride on a twin tip board, you better get a board that is longer than 140cm. If you want to maximize the number of sessions and unleash your full potential, you will need a surfboard or a foil board. Foiling in Dubai is amazing, you will be able to kite further away from the beach and admire Dubai’s unique skyline.

We recommend you to use Windfinder for checking the wind forecast in the United Arab Emirates. In most cases, it will give you an accurate picture of what to expect in terms of wind strength and direction.

Dubai Wind Forecast

Kitesurf spots in Dubai

Kite Beach

Kitesurfers and spectators meet at the famous and well-known Kite Beach. If you enjoy water sports and want to test your skills on one of Dubai’s public beaches, Kite Beach is the place to be.

Located just steps away from Jumeirah’s main street, you will have the opportunity to practice all kinds of activities and rent the necessary equipment – especially for kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and stand-up paddleboarding. Go ahead in the afternoon when the wind rises and optimal conditions are met. The spot is less popular than Nessnass Beach (see below) as there are many swimmers and the spot is usually choppier.

If the wind is too weak you can always take part in a volleyball game, the atmosphere is always welcoming, and you will make many friends. It is the ideal sport if you come with your family as Kite Beach is surrounded by a lot of different restaurants and activities for the children which is perfect if you need time to practice your kitesurf tricks on the water! For those who feel hungry after their kite session, we recommend trying the burgers from SALT ( www.find-salt.com) which are known to be one of the best in town.

Need a warm-up before your kitesurf session? The 14 km track of Kite Beach is perfect to run with fabulous views of the magnificent Burj Al Arab.

You can check for additional information about kite beach and the events which are taking place there by visiting the following website: www.kitebeach.ae.

Nessnass Beach

Nessnass kitesurf spot sunset
Show this picture from Nessnass Beach sunset to your friends and relatives, they will come with you even if they don’t kite!

Nessnass Beach is quieter than Kite Beach and is the preferred spot of local kitesurfers. It is located close to Sunset Mall and you can easily park your car on the large parking behind Roda Beach Resort.

The beach is perfect for all kitesurfing levels from beginner to advanced. The beach has a U-shape which is perfect for all wind directions (from South East to North East) as you will be able to always launch your kite with a slightly side-shore wind. The seawalls on each side of the beach prevent the waves to disturb beginners who are still practicing their water starts and is a nice playground for more advanced riders to land their crazy tricks.

The Dubai Offshore Sailing club harbor is only 100 meters away and organizes sailing regattas every weekend which will give you the opportunity to watch nice sailing boats in action.

Jebel Ali Beach

Jebel Ali Kite spot
@johncolsondxb cruising in super light winds on his foil in Jebel Ali Beach

Jebal Ali kitesurf spot is located between Jebel Ali Beach Hotel and the Palm Jebel Ali. It will take you between 20 to 40 min drive to reach the beach by car depending on which side of Dubai you live or stay. It is a small beach compared to other beaches in Dubai but is usually less crowded and worth the drive. The shape of the Palm protects the beach from waves which makes the spot almost as flat as a lake.

If you are looking to rent watersports equipment you should visit Watercooled watersports center in front of Jebel Ali Beach Hotel.

Kitesurfing in Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi skyline
Abu Dhabi Skyline: Image by Neil Dodhia from Pixabay

Wind conditions in Abu Dhabi

The wind in Abu Dhabi is similar to Dubai however it is often stronger by 1 to 3 knots on average especially when the wind blows from the North-West.

One major difference between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the tide and the current. Most of Abu Dhabi’s kitesurf spots are surrounded by the mangrove. Some areas can be very shallows so you should always check the tide coefficients and always carefully learn about the specificities of the spot before riding with full confidence. This is especially important for the kite foil addicts who want to make sure not to damage their wings. You will notice in some areas that the current can be quite strong. It is important for beginners to take the current into consideration and make sure that you can ride back to the beach.

Abu Dhabi Wind Forecast

Kitesurf spots in Abu Dhabi

Kitesurf spots in Abu Dhabi are quite remote and you will often find yourself almost alone on the spot. Therefore, you should be careful to always be at least two on the spot and bring enough water with you as there are no nearby shops or restaurants.

Al Bahia Beach

Located north of Yas Island, Al Raha Beach spot is accessible by walk or 4×4. The beach is a bit hard to find at first and hard to access with a regular car but offers a large area to set up your kite. The beach spans between a jetty and the mangrove which makes the spot super flat. We recommend this spot when the wind is blowing from North or West direction. Be careful when walking to the water as the sand can be very slippery especially during low tide.

Yas Island North Beach

The spot is facing Al Bahia Beach spot and is located at the extreme north of Yas Island. As most of Abu Dhabi spots, you will have a lot of space to practice if you are a beginner and there are many shallow areas.

The Iron Bridge

kitesurf Abu Dhabi
Look how flat is the spot with 15 knots (kite: Ozone Enduro V2 14m)

The Iron Bridge spot is only accessible by foot. Expect to walk for at least 5min after parking your car in front of the bridge. It is a perfect spot for winds coming from North-west to East. Water is usually very flat as it is protected by the mangrove. There are many shallow areas during low tides which make the water even flatter.

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