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Ozone 17M Zephyr V5 Kitesurfing Kite

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Making Light Wind Riding a Breeze

  •     Light wind specific
  •     Huge wind range, 6-20 knots
  •     Tight radius turn for great pop and fun
  •     Easy to fly and re-launch even in light winds

​The Zephyr V5 brings a completely new design to the market. It maintains key elements of the performance dominating Edge and ease of use from previous Zephyr models, with an all-new plan form and profile for increased performance and a smoother ride.

The Zephyr has always been a ground breaking kite – without doubt it was the first light wind specific kite on the market that delivered both performance and handling, the new V5 continues that legacy. Renowned for incredibly nimble handling, ease of use and the ability to have fun in low winds – all while giving you the possibility to continue riding when the wind increases, this sets the Zephyr apart from its competitors.

The V5 is more stable than previous versions offering a smoother feeling on the bar. Add to that fast handling with a tight radius turn you have a 17m kite that handles like a 13m which translates to more fun in light winds. The new plan form has a straighter Leading Edge, which increases the kites drive and acceleration through the turn – this helps generate power, fast handling and engaged kite loops.

The Zephyr V5 is perfect for cruising, jumping, air style, honing strapless airs or learning handle passes. The boost is impressive and floaty, with instant power delivery and superior up-wind performance. Re-launch is quick and easy by turning the bar or using the Re-launch Balls on the leader lines.

Ultra-strong lightweight bladders reduce weight and improve light wind performance for lighter steering and faster handling. The 4-line pulley less bridle system keeps things simple, while our proven front-line flag out ensures a complete stop of power from the kite when the quick-release is activated.

There is no question that the Zephyr V5 will get you out there enjoying whatever aspect of kiting you prefer on the day. It’s the perfect light wind addition to your quiver, or if you often ride in light winds and are looking for an all-round one-kite quiver the Zephyr V5 is the kite for you.

Wind range and bar size



Wind range is indicative only based on an average rider weight of 80kg. Actual range will vary based on rider skill level and type of board used.​

Range of Use


Design and Performance Features:


  •     Designed with OZ-CAD
  •     Exceptional Ozone Factory construction
  •     Teijin TechnoForce D2 & Teijin Dacron
  •     4-line Pulley-less System
  •     One-Pump Inflation System
  •     High volume inflate/deflate valve
  •     Back-line trimming options
  •     Fool proof line connectors
  •     Anti-Snag Line Deflectors
  •     Unique bladder construction
  •     Direct Connect Struts
  •     Double Stitched Folded Seams
  •     Internal reinforcements
  •     Load Distribution Panels
  •     Low profile aerodynamic Scuff Pads
  •     Reinforced Leading Edge and Struts
  •     Reinforced Trailing Edge


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Weight5.6 kg
Dimensions12 × 40 × 70 cm
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