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Slingshot is one of the most famous kiteboarding brands producing kites, kitesurfing boards and accessories. Unlike most kiteboarding brands, Slingshot didn’t originate from windsurfing but started in 1999 as brand solely dedicated to kitesurfing.

The Lagosz brothers Jeff and Tony, who founded the innovative and creative kitesurfing company, focus on making kiteboarding sport better, safer and more fun.

Slingshot was the first brand to put their own design on the kite. By moving away from the wakeboard design, used in early kitesurfing, Slingshot has also revolutionized kitesurfing twintips, by adding flexibility to allow more pop and softer landings.

Slingshot designers, including Tony Lagosz and Amery Bernard, trial and test the products focusing on the stability, relaunch and the range.

Although Slingshot offers kites for all disciplines, including, wave riding, racing, freeride and freestyle; its high-performance kites have been the first choice of many freestylers wanting to maximize their kiteloops and other tricks.

The brand is a proud sponsor of kitesurfing legends and world champions like Youri Zoon, Karolina Winkowska, Ruben Lanten and Mauricio Abreu; seen at PKRA, LEN10 Megaloop Challenge competition and many other kitesurfing events.

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