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Roberto Ricci Design, or simply RRD is one of the founders of kitesurfing. Originally from Tuscany, the owner wanted to integrate the Italian Design into sports’ equipment, that would be beautiful but also work well.

The company started in 1994 and its main focus was windsurfing. Roberto learned from the best shapers including Craig Maisonville, Jimmy Lewis and Ed Angulo, what allows him to develop products featuring both functionality and performance. RRD’s designs combine the Italian influence of beautiful works of art with the Hawaiian focus on a strong ocean demanding top performance from the boards.

His experience in shaping surfboards and windsurf boards came in handy when his friend Manu Bertin introduced him to the brand new sport of kitesurfing in the mid 1990s. RRD begun making kites in 1999 and was the third company with a license to the inflatable kite patent from Legaignoux brothers.

Being one of the first brands to take part in the creation of the kitesurfing equipment, RRD offers true craftsmanship within their original, colorful kites and boards. The products are thoroughly tested by Ricci himself, who believes in developing products at the proper time.

Today RRD offers kites, twintips, surf and stand up paddle boards as well as windsurfing gear. The brand was represented by the legendary Flash Austin as well as the new-school riders like Forest Bakker, Alex Neto, Lyde Heckroodt and Javier Fernandos Palos seen at the Big Air PKRA contest.

If you fancy a kite with both great performance and cool design RRD is a brand for you.

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