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Moses is an Italian kitesurfing brand focused on high-quality hydrofoil boards. The brand produces Freeride, Freerace and Competition hydrofoils. Moses offers hydrofoils for beginners, intermediate kitesurfers and for the advanced riders interested in hydrofoil kiteboards for racing competitions. With foiling becoming more and more popular discipline of kiteboarding Moses continuously develops new products including Hydrofoil Masts, Hydrofoil wings, and Hydrofoil Boards. The most popular setups include the Moses Fluente kitesurf hydrofoil with the T60 freeride hydrofoil which is good as a beginner hydrofoil set or for more advanced hydrofoiling adventurers. A setup good for the Freerace kitesurfing is the Moses Vorace Freerace hydrofoil in combination with the T60 board or the T80 Comet for Gran Turismo solution. For the kitesurfers getting into competition, there is Moses Comet Competition kitesurfing hydrofoil and the T80 Comet Hydrofoil kiteboard.

Moses hydrofoiling team includes Maks Zakowski, Dor Zarka, Connor Bainbridge, Mario Calbucci and Reinhold Geher as well as many other foil riders representing the brand on kitesurfing competitions on a national and international level.

Shop online for 2018 Moses Kitesurfing hydrofoil sets including Hydrofoil Masts, Wings and Boards. The 2018 range includes Moses Hydrofoils Fluente 91, Fluente 91E, Kit Comet 111 RR, Onda 61 FR, Onda 61 HL, Short 71, Vento 91, Vento 101 FR, Vento 101 R, Vento 111 RR, Vorace 101 FR, Vorace 101 GT, Vorace 101 R as well as moses Hydrofoil Boards T60 Free Ride and MT080 Comet . Free shipping on all Moses Boards and hydrofoils in the UAE. Worldwide shipping on Moses Hydrofoils and Boards available. Reduced shipping rates for Moses Boards and Hydrofoils to Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Egypt.

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