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CrazyFly is the European kiteboarding brand specializing in the production of high-quality boards and kites.

The family business started with Jozef Bukovac and his wife Iveta, the 4 sons joined in later on. The brand started developing and producing windsurf boards and kiteboards in 1999 and expanded to the kite production in 2009.

From 2013, CrazyFly produces all its Kites, boards, bars, footstraps and accessories in a high-tech factory based in Europe. The owner spends about half of his time in the production, overlooking the shapes of the boards, designs, construction and technology involved in the process wanting to make the best boards in the world.

Crazy fly is proud of its kitesurfing equipment made in Europe. They also put a lot of effort in maintaining an Eco-Friendly production. Prioritising the quality of the kite gear, CrazyFly sets up the new industry standards.

The company is famous for its wood core boards and carbon layups. The hi-tech equipment includes a wide variety of boards with channels, lightweight kiteboards for girls and wave riding as well as boards for school and beginners, and even tandem kitesurfing boards allowing kitesurfing with two people on one board.

Crazy Fly team riders like Peter “Pechi” Pechacek, Sam Lutman-Pauc and Tommy Gaunt are setting new kitesurfing Guinness records and winning competitions with CrazyFly gear. The brand is already present in over 65 countries, and with its constant improvements, we are likely to see more CrazyFly pro riders at big kiteboarding events.

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