World Record Nautical Mile – Woman kite

World Record Nautical Mile – Woman kite

Congratulations to French team rider Marine Tlattla for achieving a new nautical mile (1,852 km) speed world record and becoming the fastest woman on a kite!

With the wind happily howling at the Prince of Speed event in Plage du Rouet, La Palme (France) on the 10th June, Marine successfully averaged a speed of 35.41 Knots on the Edge V9 6m and smashed the previous record, not only is she the fastest woman on a kite over the nautical mile she is also the fastest woman overall in France across all categories; boat, kite and windsurf. On top of that Marine also scored a non-official record for the “outright 500m open ocean woman” with an average speed of 40,47 knots. « All the official records are subject to be ratified by WSSRC »

“Starting off with a big thank you to Principe Baldini and Vanessa Batlle for the enormous effort they put in and the pleasure they give us by organising this annual event, I had so much fun on the water but also on land meeting everyone!!! Thanks to Julien Kerneur of Ozone Kites for the Edge kites that I love, to Christian from Cocktail Tonic Uzes for his partnership and his great place, thank you to my favourite caddy who was just as much KO as I was in the evening  :)) to all those who supported me;family, friends. Thank you to my 2 clubs; the Camargue Kite Club and the new World Speed Tour Club – FFV. Thank you to all the volunteers, to Manfred and Pascal Maka and to all the partners of the Prince of Speed, to the guy from Manu K’nepa who picked up and recovered a lot of gear out at sea…” – Marine Tlattla (translated from French)

Marine’s next goal will be to ‘officially’ break the 500m barrier and claim her second world record…Good luck Marine!

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