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Freeride | Progression

The Patrol V2 is designed to be an easy going freeride board to get aspiring riders up and cruising in no time. As a true progression board, it will take riders from their first water-starts to their first jumps. A good weapon to have in your arsenal when you want an comfortable easy-riding session!

Sizes: 136 |139 |142

Tech Specs Patrol V2

Medium rocker

A low rocker is great for easy upwind performance and high riding speeds. For the rider to wants to glide with ease and who still has to master perfect upwind riding, this setup is ideal.

Flexible tips

Perfect for beginners who are trying their first jumps and for experienced riders who need a little more support, for example if they’ve had a past knee injury.

Dual Velcro foot strap

A perfect fit of your pads and straps is essential for a good board feeling. The new dual Velcro foot strap has four adjustment points for a perfect fit around your foot. The EVA footpads have an extra toe grip and ergonomic 3D shape to hold your feet securely.

Double concave

The double concave makes riding even easier and smoother, whilst the board comfortable glides with you. The Patrol also easily carves the water and gives you smooth feedback even in turbulent conditions.

Paulownia Wood core

The Patrol board has a Paulowna wood core with a glassfiber finish. These together make the board as light as possible, yet also very durable and strong. So that you can land all the jumps you could imagine wothout worry!

50mm G10 fins

The Patrol V2 comes with 50mm G10 fins. These fins give you more grip and make it possible to go upwind even easier. The Patrol in combination with these fins make your session as comfortable as it can be.

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Carved from paulownia full wood core, the Patrol is a strong and durable board. Yet this construction gives the board a well-balanced medium to soft flex, ideal for young riders starting their kiteboarding journey. The combination of a low rocker and double concave help the board grip to the water, speeding it up and aiding the upwind performance. The rounded corners make it easy and comfortable to ride even in choppy conditions. Learn in all conditions and be stable whilst doing it!

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