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Ozone Enduro V3 Kitesurfing Kite 2022

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A clean and simple design, with an easy-to-use trim system and featuring our latest innovation – the Click-in Loop.

Ozone Enduro V3 Kite

Sizes: 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, 14m

The Ozone Enduro V3 is an all time favorite around the globe, it’s recognized as one of the best go-to kites on the market. It’s incredibly versatile for any style and any conditions, with the Enduro V3 you will be ripping!

The ultimate all-round, do-it-all inflatable kite

Freeride, wave and freestyle settings

Versatile open-c design – any style, any conditions

Performance kite for intermediate to advanced riders

FREERIDE: for freeriders the enduro excels no matter what board you choose to ride. Whether on a twin tip, surfboard or foil board the smooth power delivery, refined predictable handling and excellent de-power allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.

WAVE RIDING: in the Waves, the handling, depower and drift opens up a world of opportunity. For surf freestyle the progressive handling with smooth lift make spinning and air tricks easy to learn and land. The Ozone enduro is not as dedicated to waves as the Reo, but it still delivers solid wave riding performance.

FREESTYLE: the Enduro makes freestyle progress fun and easy from your first unhooked moves, kite loops and right up to advanced unhooked riding. The Enduro delivers accessible pop and drop making learning technical moves and handle passes easier, without needing to be as aggressive in your riding compared with a c-kite such as the C4.


Exceptional Ozone Factory construction

Designed with OZ-CAD

Teijin TechnoForce Triple Ripstop canopy & Teijin Triple Ripstop dacronn

4-line Pulley-less System

Internal reinforcements

Double Stitched Folded Seams

Load Distribution Panels

Direct Connect Struts

Reinforced Leading Edge and Struts

Reinforced Trailing Edge

Low Profile Aerodynamic Scuff Pads

Unique bladder construction

Anti-Snag Line Deflectors

Tuned Bridle Geometry

One-Pump Inflation System

High volume inflate/deflate valve

Back-line trimming options

Fool Proof Line Connectors

Water Kite Technical Bag

Teijin TechnoForce Triple Ripstop canopy & Teijin Triple Ripstop dacronn

Teijin is the world’s leading supplier of technical performance materials for marine sports, setting the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in dynamic strength and durability. Our new triple rip-stop canopy material is remarkably durable and features an advanced ultra flex coating, this further enhances our unique Ozone feeling making for a smoother ride especially in gusty conditions. The new technical triple rip-stop dacron is incredibly strong and reliable. It’s used in areas requiring rigidity and stability, the leading edge, struts, wingtips and reinforcement areas.




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Dimensions12 × 40 × 70 cm