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LiP Typhoon Tri-Pel Polarized Water Shades

12 years of experience in developing water sports eyewear, LiP’s iF award winning designer Dirk Michielsen has come up with the most functional and hottest looking water shade, Typhoon, for surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, yachting, canoeing, wakeboarding, jet ski etc.

Technical Specification:

  • Wide Angle View
  • DAS (Dual Air-vent System) – Venting System on Top & Bottom of Lens to Reduce Heat and Prevent Fogging
  • 2 Fits
    • Normal Style
    • Up Style : especially for Asian faces
  • Soft Rubber Padding Inside the Frame
    • Prevent injury during high impact crashes
    • Comfortable to wear even when wearing tightly
  • Extra Deep Lens Grooves to Prevent from “Lens Pop-Out”
  • Super Light Design and Material
  • Unlikely to Lose in the Water If Used Properly as Suggested
  • Adjustable Tie-up Leash with Clip to Secure on your LiP Rash Guard or Zipper Pulley
  • BOMBPROOF design to avoid lens pop-out and reduce the chance of injury when face-planting or wiping-out
  • Comfy for your head to tuck Typhoon’s slim temples under a helmet

Equipped with:

  • PC Polarized lenses produced by Carl Zeiss Vision
  • Grilamid® TR90 NZZ frames
  • Power Balance Retainer
  • Anti-fog bottle


To prevent your Typhoon from drowning, LiP Typhoon is equipped with an adjustable Tie-up leash with a clip. First, please make sure the leash is securely tightened up on your skull; next, attach Typhoon on the loop of your LiP rash guard or a wetsuit zipper pulley. If a rash guard or wetsuit is not your preference, LiP’s Power Balance Retainer necklace is the perfect device to hook your Typhoon onto. However in the worst case scenario, the clasp of the Retainer and the clip from the Typhoon leash are designed to break when under huge stress to avoid choking.


After your session, be sure to clean/rinse your Typhoons with lukewarm fresh water and non-aggressive detergent. When dry, use LiP microfiber bag to make lenses glisten. Store Typhoon in LiP microfiber bag when not using.

Carl Zeiss Vision Features of Lenses

Lens Material:
De-centered Injected Polycarbonate Polarized (PC Polarized)

  • Impact resistance
  • Excellent scratch resistance thanks to Zeiss’ premium hard coating
  • Elimination of extreme glare for a safe and relaxed vision
  • Vision improvement



In 1935, Carl Zeiss patented their first anti-reflective coating and the company is today’s industry leader in performance coating technology. Today, Sunlens anti-reflective reduces the undesired reflected light from the surface of the lens and eliminates all ghost images that could affect the visual performance required for a relaxed, comfortable vision.



Performance coating treatment

  • Tri-Flection (patented): hydrophobic, oleo-phobic, water-repellent, anti-static, easy-to-clean features.
  • The Premium Hard Coating: a super tough lacquer resin for superior scratch resistance.
  • Tri-Pel: exceptionally long-resistance and anti-smudge mirror treatment

The exclusive Carl Zeiss Vision Sunlens Tri-Pel coating comes down to this simple and effective equation:

Tri-Flection + Ri-Pel = Tri-Pel

This unique production process combines the outstanding easy to clean, oil and water-repellent features of the Ri-Pel coating, along with the subtle tints and technical performances of Tri-Flection patented mirror series. This blend offers an exceptionally long-resistance and anti-smudge mirror treatment, superior to standard ones, often characterized by fragility and a tendency to dirt marks.

Since the Tri-Pel hues don’t significantly affect the original transmission of the base lens, they can even be applied on particularly dark lenses.

Grilamid® TR90 NZZ

GRILAMID TR90 is 20% lighter than other plastics; plus its unbelievable flexibility and strength makes it the ideal material to produce all LiP plastic frames.

Why TR90 NZZ

Excellent flexibility and lightweight that guarantees comfort in wearing LiP sunglasses
Incredible durability to prolong LiP frame’s lifetime.
Easy to adapt to extreme temperature fluctuations, either in snow or the hottest desert.
Outstanding impact resistance of TR90 NZZ to prevent LiP Typhoon from breaking during serious wipeouts on the water

Power Balance Retainer

Titanium necklaces have been popular between pro athletes around the world. It is said that titanium can improve your overall health and balance.
LiP’s titanium necklace Power Balance Retainer now has one extra purpose to serve you as your Typhoon safeguard. It is the perfect device to hook your Typhoon onto. Whilst having a blast on the water, you will have no worries about losing your sunglasses.

However in the worst case scenario, the clasp of the Retainer and the clip from Typhoon leash are designed to break when under huge stress to avoid choking.


LiP wants you to be ready for all conditions no matter you’re in a typhoon or light wind.
Included is a bottle of anti-fog liquid that can be applied before your session on a light wind day. Apply few drops on the inside of your Typhoon lenses and then gently rub through the entire area.

About Lip

Who are we? Rising from the flames of a corporate global meltdown, LiP is driven by its passionate and innovative founder Dirk Michielsen.

For over 20 years, he has been a dedicated windsurfer and award winning eyewear designer, his mission, to develop the perfect eyewear for himself and fellow waterman who are living their outdoor dreams, those exposed to the elements and those living on the LiP.

Over the years, Dirk has encountered countless people across the planet who share the same passion for watersports and the outdoors. Their feedback, both positive and negative, has been continually yet subtly contributing to the design of the water shades he has created over the years.

To be able to have 100% control over all aspects of design, production and quality, Dirk decided to be his own boss and so LiP was born. A new forward thinking brand, committed to bringing the highest quality product to you and your retinas!

Take the flip to LiP!

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