Peter Lynn Kiteboarding (PLKB) now available on Kitesurf Dubai!

We are proud to announce that Peter Lynn Kiteboarding gear can now be ordered from our shop. As for all our products, we can deliver all kitesurf riders in the Middle East and around the world.

PLKB expands our large offer of water kites and twin-tip boards that can be delivered to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and anywhere else in the world!

About PLKB

Since 1971, Peter Lynn Kiteboarding has been ahead of its time, innovating kites and developing gear aimed at harnessing the power of the wind in the best way possible. Innovator of the first kite buggy, father of depower foils and market leader in power kites: Peter Lynn Kiteboarding never missed the opportunity to invite anyone interested in wind and power in this world. These shared passions are reflected in the optimal products for every discipline, that PLKB has been constantly developing and creating kites using latest technology and aiming to push the sport to new levels, and riders to the top of podiums.

PLKB rider jump

As a 100% Dutch company, PLKB has followed the storms and winds and used the kites it has designed to harness their power. On the team they have (Dutch) designers, a large international team of dedicated riders and kite enthusiasts, are developing new kites full-time. Their work is split into constantly developing on existing characteristics and dedicating time to exploring new technology and methods to improve the flight of the kites and the riding of those who use them. PLKB Dutch-ness is seen in their kites through and through: the minimalist but striking design, with the logo right there for everyone to see, because what’s most important is recognizing the kite thanks to its incredible flight.

Now available on Kitesurf Dubai



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