Light Wind Kites

Recently we have introduced a new section in KitesurfDubai shop, with The Lightwind Kites.

To make things easier for you, we have now created a section dedicated to light wind kites for light wind conditions. One stop shopping has never been easier.

What’s inside the box?

We have gathered together all Light Wind specific kites that our favourite brands have designed especially for those breezy days. In addition to that, we have also picked the Big Kites and Foil Kites that will do the job just as good in the soft wind.

Of course, we know, that the kite is not the only thing that will make the Light Wind kitesurfing session a success, so we also gathered all the Light wind boards in the Lightwind board section. More brands are producing big kitesurfing boards that are not just good for the beginners but allow more experienced riders to have great fun on low wind days.


Why should you have a Light Wind quiver?

Light Wind days can be just as good to practice and enjoy kiting as those with the perfect 20 knots. In order to fully enjoy the session in wind as low as 6 knots, you will need the right gear.

What makes Light Wind gear so different?

Over the last decade, kitesurfing developed a lot. The technologies and the materials used to produce the kites changed and improved the quality of riding. As the sport expands we get to know more and more about what does and what doesn’t work in kiting and the kitesurfing brands are implementing the changes to allow us to kite in almost any given conditions.

The materials used in Light wind kites are often lighter than the ‘ordinary’ ones. Thinner leading edges and a reduced number of struts will also contribute to the reduced weight of the kite and will make it fly better. The design of the kite is thought of in a way that allows the kite to fly just as good and quick as the smaller kites.


When and where?

If you are planning to do some kitesurfing in Dubai or other light wind kitesurfing spot, then of course it is worth to add a big kite to your quiver. Other than that you may be travelling to a different kiting spot out of the season, when the wind is just not as strong. Kitesurfing in Zanzibar, kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, even Kitesurfing in Tarifa Spain may be more enjoyable with lightwind specific kite, if you happen to visit those places in the low wind season.

What else can you do with light wind gear?

You can use your big kite in stronger winds to boost some impressive high jumps. Old-school kitesurfing tricks can work perfectly when you ride overpowered. Take out your bigger kite to train board offs, rotations and dark slides, as you get more time up in the air.

One of the fun light wind tools is the foil board. You can take your small kite and the foil board and enjoy riding in very light wind conditions. Most likely you will be one of the few, or even the only kitesurfer in the water, so you can laugh at the others stuck on the beach without the lightwind tools.

Our favourites

Here are some of the great Light Wind specific kites that we selected for you from the 2017 kitesurfing collections.

Every day is a kite day! Don’t miss out and enjoy!

Check our LightWind Kites!



(Approx. 1,498$ - 1,710$)
(Approx. 1,552$ - 1,656$)
 2,061 1,648
(Approx. 1,783$ - 2,451$)
 2,061 1,648
(Approx. 1,783$ - 2,451$)
 1,994 1,592
(Approx. 1,724$ - 2,292$)
 1,994 1,592
(Approx. 1,724$ - 2,292$)
(Approx. 1,966$ - 2,479$)



(Approx. 296$ - 377$)

Foil Kites


(Approx. 1,997$ - 4,166$)
(Approx. 1,743$ - 2,466$)
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