Is kitesurfing for me?

Spring has arrived and summer is getting closer and closer. Many of us are planning the summer holidays now and deciding ‘What to do?’ and ‘Where to go?’ for the long-awaited break.

One of the holiday choices becoming more and more popular is kitesurfing. But is kitesurfing really what I want? Is it my type of entertainment? Is this way of spending time good for me? Is kitesurfing for me?


If you love the seaside, beach, freedom and an active way to spend your free time you probably already considered kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is a great option for the individuals who love to challenge themselves and push the personal boundaries. It can also be a great way to get your confidence levels up, get more fit, bond with your partner, family or workmates or simply become a great athlete!

If you have seen kitesurfing on the beach or in a video and you have an urge to try it then do it! There is not to think about if you feel the burning desire to get under that kite and glide on the water like the other kitesurfers do.

But if you still have some doubts carry on reading to determine if kitesurfing is really for you.

The first thing you may consider before booking a kitesurfing lesson is: Am I fit enough?

Let’s bust that myth straight at the start, you do NOT have to be very fit to start kitesurfing. Seriously! Although an average level of endurance is recommended, learning kitesurfing does not require a lot of muscle power. And one more thing: if you challenge yourself to more demanding kitesurfing sessions you will see your fitness level improving session by session!

On a similar note, you may ask yourself: Are my arms strong enough?

Again, you do not need muscle strength!  Quite a contrary, the more relaxed you get the better feel for the kite you get. You are not ‘holding’ the kite with the strength of your arms. It may look like that, but, in fact, the kite is attached to your harness so you can literally steer it with just 2 fingers! Seriously! Ask your instructor to teach you that. If you choose to practice freestyle kitesurfing you will need more upper body strength and you will gain more muscles and strength from this training.

Seeing the talented young champions it is easy to start asking: Am I not too old?

No! You are not! If you are mobile enough then you can learn to kitesurf regardless if you are 12 or 70 years old. We have seen people of all ages succeeding, gaining confidence, starting a new hobby and getting more healthy through kitesurfing practice. Remember you do not have to aspire to become a champion but to treat kitesurfing as a recreational entertainment and take it as far as you want.

If you are a family person you may ask: Is it good for a family?

The answer to that is more complex. If the whole family enjoys kitesurfing or is interested in kiting then, of course, the answer is yes! Because kids, men, women, all members of the family can learn to kitesurf (the recommended start age for children to learn is 10years old, but we have seen younger). But if your family doesn’t like to kite or watch you need to be considerate. Things to keep in mind is the wind on the beach which kitesurfers love but your non-kiting family may hate (especially if it blows sand in their eyes).

Since kitesurfing is a watersport many people ask: Do I have to be a strong swimmer?

You do don’t have to be a super strong swimmer, because you are actually not swimming during kitesurfing. It is the kite and the board that keep you above the water. Your swimming will be only used if your equipment fails which happens extremely rarely.

You may get surprised here but we did here this question too: Can I kitesurf if I don’t like water?

Well, my friend, embracing the fear is the best way to beat it, but if your aversion to water is so apparent, you may enjoy land kiting more. There are land boards and buggies which allow you to move with the kite over land instead of water.

Can you swim?

Do you like water?

Are you keen to challenge yourself?

Do you like outdoor activities?

Do you want to learn one of the coolest sports?

If your answer to most of those question is yes, then head to our lessons section to book your course with an experienced instructor, because kitesurfing is for you!

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