Foiling the Lower Limits of Possibility: Ozone Kites R1V2


Everybody defines their own line between the realm of possible and impossible. In kiting, that boundary is constantly being shattered by Ozone’s design and manufacturing team. Although the R1V2 has been out for almost a year now, we are still surprising ourselves with the handling, performance and lower limit of Ozone’s dedicated foil racing kite.


Ozone has been pushing the limits of what’s possible with design and manufacturing of kites since they came on the scene in 2007. Never has this been in larger leaps than in the recent developments with the foil kites. With foil kites becoming more mainstream and common at kitespots around the world, more kiters are getting to the edge of the performance limits of our sport.


The R1V2 excels on a foil board. Your ROI is insane angles, both upwind and downwind, ludicrous speeds and massive airs and hangtime. You can also take it out for a spin on a twin tip as Riccardo Leccese does for an airstyle session.


I’m a 70 kg rider, and chose the following quiver: 11m, 15m, and 19m. Lately I have been experimenting with different length lines and the results have been spectacular. Finally, I have settled for 13m, 17m and 19m lines for optimal performance.


For light winds sessions, this setup (R1V2 19m w. 19m and a racing foil) makes for an awesome experience. There is something freakish and strangely addictive about riding when you can barely a puff on your skin. It’s hard to believe that you can get your adrenaline pumping in under 6 knots.

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